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Shpatser - it's a magic relaxed walk, the walk from ancient European Lviv into fairy Briukhovychi. Ancient town, founded in 1444 by King Vladislav III on the neighborhood of the Lviv, located in a picturesque, health and recreational area of pine forests and enchanting lakes. In this walk, in this Lviv's Shpatser you will have traveled through the ages and will have plunged into an exclusive historic atmosphere of the hotel Shpatser. It will meet you with bright colors of German-Bavarian style, elegant rooms and elegant banquet hall for 150 persons. Here you can enjoy not only an extremely clean air and a majestic beauty of nature, but also delicious Ukrainian, European and Bavarian cuisine. We hope that our Shpatser's walk you will remember for a long time and you will often visit to us.
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